epic crunch Nacho

Known worldwide for his powerful crunch, Nacho is the leader of the Epic Crunch Heroes. He’s defined by his big voice, big muscles, and even bigger head (literally and figuratively). But be sure, when trouble’s afoot, he’s the one you want calling the shots.

Likes: firm handshakes
Dislikes: Muscle cramps

epic crunch ranch

A master in the ancient art of Crunch Fu, Ranch brings some serious skills to the squad. Whether you’re a soon-to-be scrap metal dumbbell or soon-to-be defeated super villain, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her jaw-dropping 15,000 CSI (Crunches per Square Inch)!

Likes: A well-placed roundhouse
Dislikes: Evildoers


epic crunch HONEY BBQ

A born super hero, honey bbq makes crunching look easy. From the moment he bested his first bad guy, it was clear big things were ahead. you know who holds the record for most villains crunched in a day? Spoiler alert: it’s Honey BBQ.

Likes: sweet justice
Dislikes: Elevator music


With a long list of legendary conquests that includes Spencer the Mutant Skunk, Xtra Cheddar & Pretzel have proven to be an unstoppable duo. Yeah, they can bicker for hours over the silliest things, but when it’s time for action—look out!

Likes: 2-for-1 specials
Dislikes: Losing arguments



Baby is a bit of an enigma. He’s small, he’s spunky, and he gets a little cranky if he doesn’t get his 8 hours of sleep. What’s with the diaper? Who knows. But be warned: you do not want to get in between him and his beloved teddy bear.

Likes: The second half of peekaboo
Dislikes: The first half of peekaboo